SIGNED: Anti-Bullying Act of 2013- WHAT TO EXPECT

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The anti-bullying act of 2013 is finally signed, also known as Republic Act 10627. 

What’s next?

  1. Publication of the law to 2 major dailies, and 15 days after that this law shall take effect.

  2. Within 6 months, elementary and secondary schools are expected to come-up with their strategies, policies and procedure relative to the implementation of the anti-bullying act of 2013

  3. Within 90 days, the Dep Ed is expected to come-up with IRR or implementing rules and regulations

In light of this development, If you are a parent or guardian, member of school administration or faculty members, understanding the salient features, as discussed below, of republic act 10627 will empower us to collectively work together for the efficient implementation of this law


Coverage: Elementary and Secondary Schools

Title: Anti-Bullying Act of 2013

Who can commit: one or group of students


A severe or repeated use of physical act or gesture, written or electronic expression or combination thereof resulting to:

  • Fear, physical, emotional harm, damage to property, creation of hostile environment and infringement of rights of another student.
  • Disruption of education process or orderly operation of the school

Acts of Bullying:

  • physical bullying
  • social bullying
  • verbal bullying
  • cyber bullying

What the law requires from the school:

  1. Come-up with policies defining and prohibiting:
  • Bullying inside school premises
  • Bullying outside school premises (cyberbullying) resulting to the definition above
  • Retaliation against person who reports bullying incidents or bullies.
  1. Come up with admin procedures and disciplinary actions.

  2. Rehabilitation program for the bullies.

  3. Strategies and procedures for

  • Recording and Reporting system
  • Reporting and Investigation
  • Filter false reports and disciplinary action for students making false reports
  • Safety and security of students
  • Support services such as counselling for victims
  • Privacy students involve
  • Education for parents and students on bullying dynamics
  1. Mechanism
  • Person accountable for the implementation: Principal or anyone w/ comparable role.
  • Who can report incidents of bullying: member of school admin, parent, student or volunteers
  • Who should handle bullying cases: Principal and/or person designated by the Principal
  • Expected actions:
    • investigate promptly
    • take appropriate disciplinary actions
    • report to law enforcement agency if provisions of revised penal code was satisfied
    • notify parents or guardians of perpetrators
    • notify parents or guardians of victims and inform of the actions that has been taken and preventive measures
  1. Reporting requirements:
  • six months after the effectivity of this law,  school will inform their division superintendent, in writing, of the policies, procedures and strategies they have formulated. This shall also be a requirement before operation of new schools commence.
  • annual reporting of schools to division superintendent on relevant statistics and data. These in turn will be summarized and reported to Dep Ed secretary. The Dep Ed secretary shall summarize these and report the same to the committee on basic education of both houses of Congress


I shall digest these for a few days and come-up with my commentary.  Share your thoughts on the comments below.

14 Responsesto “SIGNED: Anti-Bullying Act of 2013- WHAT TO EXPECT”

  1. Dines says:

    Hello, pag within neighborhood po b ngyari ang bullying pwede po b mgsampa ng Kaso sa korte ang parent against sa 7year old na nambully sa anak Niya?

  2. enza abad says:

    Hi. I’m researching on Cyber Bullying. How can i contact you po? I have questions lang po. And we might request an interview once the topic push through. Please do let me know. You may reach me thru email at Thanks!

  3. odette says:

    hindi po b pwede isama sa act ung bullying sa family? ang family ko po kasi bnubully thru twitter. meron din po pag babanta. gusto po sana namin mag take ng legal actions.

    • AskSonnie says:

      Hi Odette,

      The anti-bullying law does not cover adults. But you can still seek legal help if the harassment has affected your daily routine and caused embarrassment and fear. Since there is threat already, please report the matter to your local police

  4. che says:

    Kindly check out PBB ng Olongapo @ facebook. Its such a mess because it uses
    malicious words and terifying issues. Please do something about it. Thank you

  5. meron na po ba sa inyo ang nag-simula nang mag-reklamo ng bullying sa school ng anak? paano nyo po ginawa, ano ang mga hakbang na ginawa nyo? may balak po kasi akong magsagawa rin ng reklamo kaugnay ng kasong ito. salamat po…

  6. Edna tanate says:

    Where can i report if the school is not mindinng my report on cyberbullying of a group in school towards my daughter. Thanks .

    • AskSonnie says:

      Hi Edna,

      As soon as IRR is released by DepEd, we’ll have a clear line of accountability. Ideally, it should DepEd. For the mean time, kindly take screenshots of the platform where cyberbullying is being done or save SMS message if it is being done by text. This will serve as evidence.

      Likewise, try discussing the issue w/ the Principal directly, if remained unattended you can also get help from the NBI. You can call 521-9208, local extensions 3429 (Chief) and 3497 (Staff)

  7. odette navarro says:

    how schools will be protected by this law?


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